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Looking for an adventure? Join Captain Neil Nickerson and the Crew of Glacier Bear, and cruise through Southeast Alaska.

Meet the Captain and Crew

We hope you can join us on one of our exciting Alaska expeditions. We'll cruise through an amazing wilderness aboard the M/Y Glacier Bear, our beautiful 95' yacht. This classic, well-appointed boat offers an outstanding platform from which to experience Alaska's legendary Inside Passage, an intricate network of pristine waterways, granite fjords, and islands of astonishing beauty.

Alaska is home to eagles, black and brown bears, humpback whales, orcas, stellar sea lions, sea otters, porpoises and harbor seals. On each voyage, we'll see charming fishing villages, an incredible display of wildlife, and the breathtaking scenery of the Inside Passage. The Crew will pamper you, while the Captain maneuvers the Glacier Bear to tantalizing places that no cruise ship sails to.

Captain Neil Nickerson

Alaska Wilderness Charters: Sport Fishing and Stream Fishing  ChartersNeil Nickerson, Captain

Neil Nickerson has been working Alaskan waters since 1988, as a U.S. Coast Guard officer aboard Coast Guard cutters, and also on tugboats and passenger ferries. He is intimately familiar with the waters of the Inside Passage and Prince William Sound, and has sailed north beyond the Arctic Circle, and west to Attu Island in the Aleutian Islands.

Neil holds a license as a U.S. Coast Guard National Master of Self-Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans or Near Coastal Waters. This license enables Neil to be the Captain for any size vessel, on any ocean. Neil is certified in First Aid and CPR, and keeps the vessel up to a 5-Star Coast Guard rating for safety. There's nothing Neil enjoys more than sharing the experience and grandeur of coastal Alaska with visiting guests.

Alaska Wilderness Charters offers a safe and pleasant experience, whether you are hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing or sport fishing.

Our Crew

Alaska Wilderness Charters: Sport Fishing and Stream Fishing  ChartersAyesha Wise, Chef

Each member of the Crew has the experience and training to provide you with the safest, most enjoyable wilderness adventure possible. Our Crew includes:

  • Neil Nickerson, Captain
  • Josh Yerkes, Sport Fishing Guide, Assistant Captain
  • Al Smith, Engineer, Boatwright
  • Ayesha Wise, our Fabulous Chef
  • Trevor Fritz, Sport Fishing Guide, Assistant Engineer
  • Kevin Murphy, Sport Fishing Guide
  • Michelle Espheter, Paddleboard Guide
  • John Schnell, Photography and Kayaking Guide
  • Doug Ogilvy, Stream Fishing Guide
Crew Responsibilities

Captain. Our Captain is in charge of all aspects of the vessel’s safe operation at any time while guests are on board, at sea or when the Glacier Bear is tied to the dock. Our Captain is also responsible for making sure all guests are provided with the highest care and consideration during their wilderness adventure at sea. Our Captain holds a license as a U.S. Coast Guard National Master of Self-Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans or Near Coastal Waters. This license enables our Captain to pilot any size vessel, on any ocean. Our Captain is certified in First Aid and CPR, and keeps the vessel at a 5-Star Coast Guard rating for safety. 

Chef. By using the finest and freshest ingredients available, including organic and local Alaskan seafood, our Chef ensures that every meal is a food lover’s delight, and a good way to begin and finish an adventurous day. Our Chef prepares and cooks each meal, appetizer, dessert and snack served aboard the Glacier Bear. In addition, our Chef manages the food budget, purchases all food for Crew and guests, and oversees the safe storage of food. Our Chef is well-organized, and is familiar with many cuisines, food preferences and dietary restrictions. 

Fishing Guide. Our Fishing Guide coordinates guided fishing activities for our guests. Daily fishing excursions allow up to four guests (while fishing), and include trolling for salmon and sport fish, and jigging for halibut and other bottom fish. Where the opportunity presents itself, our Fishing Guide will assist guests in setting out and retrieving crab pots and shrimp traps. Our Fishing Guide is available to assist guests with the operation of fishing tackle, and to explain the flora and fauna of Southeast Alaska. Guided sightseeing trips for whales, bears, sea lions, and other marine wildlife and shorebirds are also available. 

Engineer. Our Engineer oversees the full maintenance and operation of the electrical and mechanical systems aboard Glacier Bear, including the two main propulsion engines and numerous electrical generation systems. 

Specialty Guides. Our Paddle Board Guide and Alaska Photography Guide are added to the Crew for specialty charters. They have extensive knowledge to share with you — not only about their area of specializations, but about the wildlife, ecology and history of Alaska. They are also tasked with guiding other activities such as sea kayaking, beach combing and hiking adventures. In additions, they assist the Crew with throwing lines, helping out in the galley, and making sure there is plenty of coffee and snacks.

While At Sea

Nothing matches the freedom and comfort of an Alaska Wilderness Charter. We'll glide through pristine waterways on the 95' motor yacht Glacier Bear (previously known as M/Y Caledonia), with unparalleled access to whales and wildlife. Each day, we'll cruise to the best locations for viewing fjords, waterfalls, icebergs and glaciers.

You'll observe Alaskan brown bears, bald eagles, humpback whales, orcas, Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, Dall's porpoises and sea otters. And you'll experience amazing scenic wonders — on wilderness hikes, on the water in kayaks, on paddleboards, and aboard our motorized 16' skiff and 28' fishing boat. There simply is no better way to experience the joy of the mesmerizing Alaskan wilderness.

Alaska Wilderness Charters: Sport Fishing and Stream Fishing  ChartersAl Smith, Engineer

Our entire team is knowledgeable about whales and bears, Alaska's geology and history, and so much more. Each year our Crew completes a rigorous training review, which includes safety and rescue, plus an in-depth training in tides, wind, current and weather.

Most importantly, our Crew has the desire to:

  • Make things easier. Behind the scenes, our Crew handles all of the trip planning, logistics, food storage, stowing of equipment, and many other chores. So relax and make the most of your trip.

  • Keep you safe. Our experienced Crew is highly trained to anticipate and avoid dangers, to help ensure your safety. Please understand that every wilderness activity entails an element of risk. We can't promise you won't get injured, but we have never had a guest suffer a serious accident that has required an evacuation.

  • Keep you informed. Our Crew will share their personal knowledge of the areas we visit. Not only are they familiar with the history of Alaska and the names of plants and animals, but they can inform you about the complex interaction between many of the plants, animals, geology, ocean and weather.
Alaska Wilderness Charters Paddleboard Photography Fishing

Josh yerkes will lead you to quaint fishing villages and the breathtaking scenery of Alaska.


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